Fast track morning weather observations

Repetitive, manual data entry is a thing of past. SnowObs allows you pull weather station data directly into your daily weather observation form, saving you time to interpret your weather observations when building a forecast or daily mission.

With SnowObs, data entry is fast and efficient. Create an observation for a single site or multiple sites, and all while your data fills automatically.

Daily observations form
Automated weather observations
Alaska Electric Light & Power

Automated weather observations

Connected with the weather map in SnowObs, use weather station data to automatically fill your daily observation forms. Configure which station, sensor, and statistic to automatically fill. 

Example: Fill the `Air Temperature Max` for an observation location from the max temperature observed in the past 24 hours using the stations temperature sensor.

SWAG compliant forms

Snow Weather and Avalanche Guidelines are the foundation of weather observations. Ensure your operation is tracking the weather information it needs to create forecasts and travel safely in avalanche terrain. 

New snow water
Idaho Transportation Department
Custom report visualization with weather observations.

Powerful and elegant visualization

SnowObs uses the latest web industry standards, allowing you to view your weather observations with fully customized reporting. Use powerful reports, elegant charts or tables to gain insights into historic trends.