Make your data standout

Streamlining data collection is important, however, the true power lies in what you do with your data. Data visualization using different perspectives can highlight trends, make important events pop out, or validate forecaster intuition.

Custom report visualization with weather observations.
Visualization of all weather station measurements quickly on one a single page.

Limitless options

SnowObs does not want to limit visualization to a fixed number of options. Our technologies utilize everything from advanced GIS analysis to simple bar graphs. We are especially enthusiastic about this area of our product, and if there is a graph, chart or map that you think would be useful, please put in a feature request!

GIS visualization, made easy

View your avalanche atlas and your avalanche observations with GIS based maps. Rich styling is available for all map based products making interacting with your data seamless.

Avalanche Atlas table and map visualization
Full customization over report visualization.

Full control of visualization

Full control over every aspect of visualization. Change variables, colors, plot types and more! Customization allows for fine grain control over data visualization. Check out more on customization here.

Weather maps

Weather stations map allows for quick and easy visualization of current weather conditions. Click on a station to access the full station data, all with elegant charts.

Weather map visualization