Enhance communication

The SnowObs platform is designed to share data within your operation. You can access SnowObs anytime and anywhere, from any web browser! Improve your situational awareness or pre-shift briefings by effectively communicating current weather and avalanche observations, either through charts or reports.

Sometimes data just looks better in a CSV file. All data entered into SnowObs can be exported to a CSV file to share however you see fit.

Enhance communication across devices in your organization.

Coming Soon!

Sharing data is as easy as a flip of the switch.

Enhanced data sharing between organizations

Annoyed by having to input an avalanche observation on multiple platforms? SnowObs is excited to create a platform with multiple sharing capabilities. With SnowObs, you are able to truly harness the power of a large data pool, and eliminate having to submit information into multiple systems.

SnowObs streamlines sharing data between organizations or even the public, providing fine grained control over who can see your data, furthering community knowledge.

Private and public data sharing

Bob works for the State Department of Transportation and wants to share his weather and avalanche observations with Wendy at the nearby avalanche center, but not the public. With just a few clicks in SnowObs, Bob can provide valuable information to Wendy, helping create her forecast. Wendy can then share her observations with the public and other nearby agencies if she chooses.