Transform your avalanche data collection and management

Sharing Observation Data

Share your weather or avalanche data with other organizations or the public. You're in control of what you want them to see.

Visualization Tools

In addition to tabular information, view all your weather and avalanche data with striking graphical and map products.


Built with flexibility in mind, SnowObs is designed around giving you the ability to make your data work for you.

Weather Observations

Easily enter weather observations for your study plot or just a great ski spot. Automatically fill with data from Mesowest or incorporate your own weather stations directly.

Avalanche Atlas

Create an avalanche atlas for your zone, complete with avalanche path polygons. Explore avalanche observations and statistics visually within a map.

Weather Map

A map based weather product to view local weather station data in tabular, graphical, and map based formats.

About SnowObs

At SnowObs, our primary goal is to create operational efficiencies for the snow and avalanche community by streamlining daily tasks and adding visual aids to help interpret data. In doing so, we strive to maximize your time spent on important tasks, such as making critical decisions and collecting field data.

Being snow and avalanche professionals ourselves, we share your passion for the mountains. Our combined experience allows us to anticipate your needs and most importantly, communication and collaboration with us is easy. What excites us most is being able to work with you, helping address your weather and avalanche problems, and then taking your ideas and making them a reality. Plus, with the ease and efficiency of SnowObs, you’ll have a lot more time to get out skiing or riding to collect more great data!

Weather map visualization

Scott Havens

Most days you'll find Scott working hard on new features in SnowObs or on other projects for weather stations or infrasound detection. The rest of the time you'll find Scott outside skiing, biking around Idaho, or chasing his 2 year old skiing at Bogus Basin.

Clark Corey

Clark Corey

Clark’s background includes developing software for the emergency services and natural disasters industries. He has also worked as a GIS analyst for both the public and private sectors. In a past life, he was a full time backcountry ski guide and avalanche educator.

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Bill, ITD

Lead Avalanche Forecaster

All superlatives apply to SnowObs! It has improved our decision making, archiving and efficiency.

Michael, AELP

Avalanche Forecaster

Snow Obs is much more than just a SWAG compliant weather observations database. With it’s ability to pull MesoWest station data as well as custom ingest of private weather stations, we are routinely able to save 10-15 minutes during our morning avalanche forecast that used to be focused on data entry and can now be redirected to snowpack and stability assessment.

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